Monday, August 24, 2009

Silver Falls

We got to spend some family time on Saturday and decided to go for a hike. We went down to Silver Falls. We thought Zane might be able to do the two mile loop, but he is such a dawdler. Kevin just couldn't wait for him any more, plus it probably would have taken us ten hours, so Zane finally got put on Dad's shoulders. Even packing Nora and Zane, Kevin climbed the hills much easier than I did. Man, I'm out of shape! However, it was beautiful and refreshing and just nice to get to spend a Saturday together. Zane had a great time, and I think Nora did too.

Nora enjoyed the ride.

Family photo

Another family photo. (That's not a pick, it's a scratch).
Zane insisted on playing in the water.
A boy and his stick.
Super Kevin

Joey's Birthday

Joey moved in with us the last week in July. His family moved to Indiana and made the hard decision to let him finish his senior year here in Portland. He is such a good kid and so easy to have in our house. Zane loves him and is constanly asking "Where's Doey?" or narrating Joey's life: "Doey eating. Doey sleeping. Doey at work. Doey reading. Doey downstairs." Joey celebrated his 17th birthday last week. We had fun celebrating with him.

The Beach

Last week I called my friend Kedra from Seattle. I had been so bummed that Kevin didn't have any more time off and that we probably wouldn't be going anywhere until Thanksgiving. Then I came to the realization that just because Kevin can't go somewhere and have fun, doesn't mean I can't take the kids and do something. Kedra was thinking the same thing and so we packed up the kids and took the kids overnight to the beach. It was a lot of work having four little ones and no daddies to help. The kids really had a great time and so did Kedra and I. However, I think we decided we would only try day trips from now on. At least for a while. Thanks, Kevin, for working so hard so we can go do fun things. It would be more fun if you could go, but we sure appreciate it.

I forgot to take my camera down to the beach, so I’ll have to get those pictures from Kedra. I swear, Zane could spend all day contentedly in the sand.

The end of the trip. All four kids slept most of the way home.
(Notice those cute little toesies up front)
Zane enjoying his ice cream
Window shopping
Walking around town
Riding the carousel
Playing in the hotel

Picture Update August 2009

Just some pictures to show off the kids--especially how much Nora has changed.
Zane doing a handsome pose.
Nora- crusin' around
Puddin' face
Nora in a dress I used to wear
We spent a day at the zoo with friends earlier this month. Normally I'm not a fan of the zoo, but if it could always be like this, I would probably go more often. It was a perfect day. Cool and overcast. All the animals were out and very active. Not crowded at all.
Happily making a mess
We are still using a Children's Museum membership frequently. Nora is even beginning to reap the benefits and it's fun to watch them both play and explore. Zane's favorite places right now are this transportation room and the dig pit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pickup Family Reunion--July 2008

Finally getting pictures posted from the Pickup reunion. We had such a great time and EVERYONE was able to be there. Right now there are 9 grandchildren with at least two more on the way, and I'm betting there will be 5 more next in 2009. We started with a trip to Fort Stevens. It's a great place at the beach. There are lots of bike trails, a lake, a very short ride to the beach, a shipwreck and lots to see and do. We sported our family shirts the first day and it was always easy to identify a Pickup. We went to the temple one day, as always, which is one of my favorite things to do at our annual family reunion. Friday night we had a girl's night out and went out to eat, then back to our house for games and foot treatments by Lynnette. There was also a family birthday party, talent show, shooting, and lots of swimming to beat the heat. It was a busy, fun-filled week, but we sure enjoyed spending time with everyone and Zane and Nora really got to know their cousins and aunts and uncles better.

Tuckered out from a long day at the beach.

Nora lookin' cool in her b-day sunglasses.
Family pictures were kind of a joke for us this year. There was little cooperation.

Nora discovered she does not like the taste of sand.
Nora and Daddy relaxing at the beach
Daddy's girl
Fun in the sand
Zane tries to eat the sand, too. Yuck!
More beach fun
Dig, dig, dig
Kevin throwing horseshoes
Holly throwing horseshoes
Kevin shooting his shotgun
Some of the grandkids waiting to blow out birthday candles.
Zane driving one of Grandpa's power toys he got just for the reunion.
The "adults" at the temple. Soon we'll add Jen, Jess and Sean.
The Pickup Family at Fort Stevens.
The grandkids getting ready for their photo
Nora and Shayli. Two months apart and having a lot of fun together.

July Fun

Two years old?!?! Can it really be? In July we celebrated Zane's second birthday. Hard to believe. He had some friends and Grandpa and Grandma over to the park. We raced Hot Wheels down the slide, had a great water gun fight, broke the pinata we worked so hard to make, and had enjoyed cake and ice cream. The water gun fight was a hit as it was such a warm day. Zane had a lot of fun with his friends and family. Afterward we came home and had Zane's favorite dinner--pizza. I'm not kidding. Ask him what he wants for dinner and he'll usually say, "Ummmm. . . . . I ont soommmmme. . . . PIZZA!" Then he got to open his present from mom and dad--a new tricycle. Earlier he got some trucks and an Elmo doll from Grandpa and Grandma Tolman. Grandpa and Grandma Pickup got him a little pool for the back patio and a bell for his new bike. I think the bell is his favorite thing. Ding, ding!

His very own water bottle and backpack. Thanks Grandpa & Grandma.
Grandpa & Grandma Pickup serving up cake for everyone.
Our homemade pinata. I forgot to add on the tires. Oops!
Zane "helping" bake his birthday cake.
Trying out his new bike.

Nora is getting busier and busier and is so much happier now that she can get into things.

Nora and Daddy skywatching
Gettin' a ride up to bed
Enjoying the new pool during some HOT weather