Friday, April 23, 2010

Sing, sing, sing!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Grandpa and Grandma Tolman visit

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit and they brought Grandma Great with them! We were so happy to have them here for Anna's blessing. Unfortunately, their visit also included passing around the flu. We still had fun and wish we lived closer. Zane and Nora love their grandparents.

Grandma Great with Anna
One, two, three. . . jump!

Zane and Grandma Great were reading "The Grouchy Ladybug". They came to the page where the grouchy ladybug meets the yellow jacket and Zane decided to quiz Grandma Great.
Zane: What's that?
Grandma Great: A bee.
Z: What's that?
GG: A bee.
Z: What's that?
GG: A bee.
Z: What's that? A yellow jacket? (Duh!)

Easter 2010

Easter was fun this year. Friday evening we colored easter eggs. The kids loved it. Zane wanted to do more. He then insisted he didn't want the Easter Bunny to come. Well, he came anyway and Saturday morning when I told Zane he came he cried "Nooo!" But then, I told him there was candy all over the house and he seemed okay with that. So, we followed Zane and Nora gathering jelly beans that had been hidden all over the house until they finally landed at their Easter baskets.
Sunday we enjoyed watching conference with Grandpa and Grandma Pickup and then having Easter Dinner there. We were joined by Joey and his sisters and tortured them with a game of "Seek" after dinner.


Get ready for picture overload. We still haven't planted the garden and I'm tempted not to this year. The kids have a lot of fun digging out there. One day I let them loose and I didn't have one whine, or cry, or push, or fight or tattle for well over an hour! That never happens.

Children's Museum--again!

Thank goodness for a membership to the Children's Museum. Zane and Nora seem to have more fun every time we go. Kevin even got to go with us recently, but it was SOOO crowded. We didn't know it was Free Friday. Here are some pictures from a recent trip with some friends.

I built a fire

One of Zane's favorite things to do at Grandpa Pickup' is to help build a fire. Ever since he got to experiene this he like to "build fires" in my kitchen cupboard. Recently I have been on a couponing craze (saved $150/spent $75 this week--but that's another topic). I found Zane getting into my coupons and crumpling for paper for his fire. I quickly saved my precious coupons and gave Zane and Nora the rest of the inserts to use for fires. The next day I was sitting on the sofa nursing Anna when something caught my eye.

Zane had "built a fire" in my fireplace. Oh, this boy!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Blessing Day

Anna Pickup was given a name and a blessing by her father on March 28, 2010. Her father, Grandpa Pickup, Grandpa Tolman, Bishop Robert Tu'itavke, Russ King (1st counselor in bishopric) ,Chuck Wells (2nd counselor in bishopric), Lawrence Turner (home teacher), Aaron Cardon (Elder's Quorum counselor) and Jason Sampson (Elder's quorum counselor) participated in the blessing. Anna was very quiet during the blessing although she wailed like a banshee before. Her father gave her a beautiful blessing and her proud siblings, mother, Grandma Pickup, Grandma Tolman and Great Grandma Tolman were all present to witness this event.

Anna was full of smiles for pictures this morning.
The family:
Nora, Grandpa P., Grandma P., Zane, Daddy, Mom, Anna, Grandma T., Grandma Great, Grandpa T.
Zane, Dad, Nora, Anna and Mom