Wednesday, February 29, 2012


In February, Grandma and Grandpa Tolman came for a visit. One day we decided to go check out Fort Vancouver. The weather started out okay, but we were soaking and very cold by the time we were done. I think the kids had fun, though. We loved having them and were sad to see them go. All the kids like to talk about them visiting or us visiting them, but Zane especially gets very sad when we have to say good-bye. He can't wait to see them again.
Everyone loves having Lyla around. They fight over who gets to play with her and smother her with their love. I love to catch them taking care of her. Here Nora and Anna are reading books to her.
We also enjoyed a couple (not many) of fairly decent days so we could go to the park. The sunshine and fresh air was much needed! Again, everyone loves to play with Lyla.We had a family outing to the Train Hobby Show at the convention center. The kids thought it was great and especially like riding the Max. On the way home Zane said, "Mom, sometimes passengers sleep on the train." I said, "That's right." He then promptly 'fell asleep', and so did Nora, but he made sure to tell me to wake him up at our stop.
Lyla has been sitting for a couple of weeks now. The kids love her new tricks.
Whenever I'm in the kitchen someone, in this instance, Nora, has to grab a chair, push it right up where I'm working and then stand on it. They love to "help," but it's usually accompanied by several "Can I taste that?"s