Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beach Trip

Some friends of our had a beach house for the weekend and the generously invited us and a few other families to share it. Kevin got off work a little early on Thursday, which was his birthday and we went straight there. Other than family reunions, this was probably the most fun I've ever had at the coast. I think it's because I was able to see Zane really enjoy it. As soon as we got there we went down to the beach and Zane loved pushing his truck in the sand. I think he enjoyed having no boundaries. He got to fly his new kite and boulder some rocks. He really enjoyed playing with all the other kids. He just had a great time all around. Nora was not a big fan of the beach. Although it was sunny and beautiful for Oregon coast standards, it was a bit chilly and windy for her so we girls didn't spend as much time in the sand.

Kevin is such a big kid. He bought a trick kite with some money he got for his birthday and he spent hours flying it. We enjoyed visiting with friends, eating lots of good food and playing games. The most challenging part of the weekend was getting the kids to sleep in the same room. Once they were finally both asleep they slept great.

On the way home we stopped in Tillamook at the cheese factory. Of course we had to get cheese curds and ice cream. Zane enjoyed his and Nora attacked mine. (Stop scolding. Yes, huckleberry ice cream is her first food and I know that I never would have done that with Zane. I hear you!)

We really had a great time and hope to do it again some time soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm often surprised at the things Zane learns to do. I think kids are capable of a lot more than we think. This may be normal for this age but I wasn't expecting it. When I went to get Zane out of bed this morning, he was sitting up in bed and had the proudest look on his face. Why? He had no jammies on. I asked him where his jammies were and he "told" me they were in the hamper. Sure enough. Who knew he could undress himself? When I went to get him from his nap, same story. Luckily I keep a onesie-undershirt on him or I'm sure he would have been completely nude, including no diaper!

Easter Weekend

We had a lovely Easter weekend. This is the first year the Easter Bunny has come to our house. We asked him to come on Saturday morning so we could be a little more focused on the Sabbath on Easter Sunday. One of my favorite things as a kids was that rather than hiding eggs at our house, jelly beans got hidden everywhere. It was always a race to see who could collect the most beans. My sisters and I would always be sure to wear our nightgowns the night before so we could just scoop the beans into our gowns as we held them out. It wasn't always the most modest sight, I'm sure. So, we asked the Easter Bunny to leave a trail of jelly beans at our house this year, as well. (Who ever knew hos tedious that would be?) Zane thought it was pretty neat to wake up to candy, even though he wasn't quite sure what was going on. (I have video, but it's long so I won't torture everyone). Then after finding his basket and having a breakfast of jellybeans and creamy wheat we got a lot of chores done.

Nora is really starting to hold her own.

Kevin and I went to the temple on Saturday afternoon with our ward. It was a lovely session and our ward completely filled the endowment room. I was a bit nervous as this was the first time we'd left Nora (pathetic, I know), but I was still able to feel the peace of the temple.

On Sunday I got to substitute for the primary chorister and listen to all the primary children sing about our Savior. Then we went to the Pickup's for a delicious dinner and visiting. Zane sure loves to visit Grandpa and Grandma. We watched "The Testaments".
It was a perfect day to reflect on the atonement of Jesus Christ and what it means for me and my family.

Nora playing in her "Bumbo." We had to take it because Grandpa gets a kick out of it. Plus, she likes it.

Zane practicing his writing. I love the deliberate look on his face.
The Harris' had one like this of Hallie, so I couldn't resist doing it too before I put her jammies on.

How Kevin puts the kids to sleep

Nora was a bit fussy the other day so I asked Kevin if he could put her down while I finished something. This is how he does it:

A Perfect Weekend.

This is late. It is about the first weekend in April. We were supposed to have Chad and Kedra come visit from Washington and Mark and Kelli come visit as well, but unfortunately that didn't work out. However, it ended up being a just lovely weekend. We had a delicious breakfast as a family on Saturday morning and then watched general conference at home. Nora slept and Zane played relatively quietly. The weather was absolutely beautiful and after the first session we ran around getting things for the garden. After a quick lunch, Zane and Nora went down for naps and Kevin and I got to watch the second session of conference. Then Kevin went to help some neighbors and I took the kids to the park. After the priesthood session we had the Peacocks and the Forts over for scones. Mmmmm. I think that may be a new tradition.

Sunday was another beautiful day. We watched conference at the stake center with Kevin's family. Then we had a "picnic" outside between sessions. Again, such a beautiful day. After lunch Kevin, Nora and I had a nap outside on a blanket in the grass while Zane played with Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Jessica, Grandma and Papa. As I lay falling asleep I noticed all the perfect feelings I was having. The warm sun beating down on me, the smell of fresh cut grass, a fly buzzing my ear occasionally, blue sky above, blossoms everywhere and their scent being carried on the very light breeze, laying next to my honey and my baby while my other baby had fun playing, having been physically and spiritually fed, feeling uplifted by the words I'd just heard. It couldn't have been a more perfect moment. To make things more perfect Zane and Nora both slept through the second session.

We enjoyed the evening with Grandpa and Grandma Pickup. I went to bed feeling just truly happy. It was a perfect weekend.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I have two happy little feet. . . .

Nora is very busy with her feet. I just had to snap some pics. I sure wish I knew how to get a little more professional composition, but these are still precious.

Click on collage to enlarge.

Helping Grandpa

Click on collage to enlarge.

We owe a huge thank you to Grandpa Pickup. Our dryer was making a very loud rumble. Kevin took it apart and couldn't find the problem. Grandpa came over and spent several hours with Kevin and they still couldn't find it. Grandpa came over and worked by himself for several hours. I was to the point where I figured it was still running, so lets's just live with it, but that's not Pickup style. So Grandpa persisted until he finally fixed it. Zane LOVED it because Grandpa let him help. We all know how much "help" a less-than-two-year-old can be. Grandpa was very patient and kept asking Zane to do different tasks. Zane had a great time and was happy to get to stay up past his bed time and nap time.

Happy Birthday. . .

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

My mom is an amazing woman. I remember the first time I saw her as that--an amazing woman. I had graduated college and was a working woman. I came home for a visit and went to church with her. I remember watching her interact with people and being so impressed with her graciousness. It was then that I realized how much she had done for so many people in our community and especially our family. All this time, she had just been "Mom" to me. She has devoted her life to service. She serves her family with all her heart. She serves in her ward with dedication. She has done hundreds of projects for the church Humanitarian Center. She is the ultimate homemaker--seamstress, SPOTLESS house, phenomenal cook, doctrine discussions, spiritual atmoshpere. My mom is a true LADY. There are females. There are girls. There are women, and there are ladies. My mom is a woman and a lady. Other than the fact that she would do anything for those she loves, one of my favorite things I love about my mom is her sense of humor. A lot of people don't get to see it, but she often says the funniest things. Also, she let's the rest of us joke about her and she laughs along. She's a great sport. If only some day I can be half as wonderful as she is. . . . I love you, mom! Happy Birthday.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Enjoy. . .

The other morning I didn't know where Zane was. Kevin hadn't left for work yet, so I figured they were somewhere together. I finally looked outside and found this:
You can't tell, but Zane is still in his footed jammies with tennis shoes on over them. Oh, and by the way, aren't those trees beautiful?

Okay, don't you just love that smile?

Ahhhh, isn't that a peaceful sight?

Nora Laughing

Just a little clip of a little giggling I caught before bath time.

Zane and Nora Play

Zane and Nora are beginning to "play" together. As often happens with siblings, what started out as fun ends up with someone getting hurt.