Monday, February 21, 2011

Better Late than Never--Christmas 2010

Well, this is almost embarrassing to put up. I know Christmas was more than two months ago, but well. . . I haven't had a lot of energy. Looks like I'll be playing catch-up now.

We started the week of Christmas going to see the lights on Peacock Lane. Grandpa, Grandma, Jennifer, Jessica, & Chris and Kristie and their family came too. We had stew and rolls at our house first, then went to the lights, then came back for cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. Grandma Pickup has all the pictures from the lights, but here's Nora at the house helping Grandpa feed cousin Hannah. I love her little fish lips. She really had to make sure Grandpa was doing it right.

Boyd and Blythe were at the house that week and the kids wanted to put the dress up clothes on again. Nora has her baby "Jesus" and Boyd has the sheep even though he's a wise man.
A couple of days before Christmas we had some friends over to make "gingerbread" houses. Clark and Daisy, Boyd and Blythe and cousins Kade, Hailey and Kaleb. Everyone brought a treat so there was plenty of candy for the houses. Luckily Aunt Jessica was at the house that morning (because she babysat the night before so Kevin and I could go on a date and then she just ended up staying) and helped get frosting and everything ready. The kids had a blast and enjoyed eating them over the next few weeks.
On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa P's. Our friends, the Cardon's joined us (bringing with them way too much delicious food). The kids had fun playing and after dinner we had our Nativity and musical program.
Christmas morning was wonderful. Zane and Nora were quite excited. Anna was happy to be in the middle of it all, until morning nap time. They enjoyed playing with their cousins and their new toys.
Perhaps the happiest boy on Christmas morning was this Mr. Pickup. I actually finally surprised him, and boy was he surprised! Look at that giddy face!