Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last Sunday

Yikes! I really haven't taken enough pictures. I guess my arms are alway full with other things.
Zane loves to hold Anna--for about 15 seconds a day--cheese!
Last Sunday Kevin came home from church after sacrament meeting because he wasn't feeling well. He usually has Nora during the 2nd and 3rd hour since I'm teaching music in Primary and she's much too much of a distraction in there, so he took her home with him. I asked him if he was able to get a nap in. I should have known--this is what he said. "I laid down on the floor and watched her play and when I woke up she was asleep next to me with her pacifier and her blanket." So, Dad was sleeping and Nora--little Miss Independent--went upstairs, found her blankie, found a pacifier (I couldn't even find them Sunday morning) and went back down to nap with Dad. I told him he should be glad that's how he found her and not drowned in the toilet or covered in syrup and flour or something.
Then we went to Grandpa and Grandma P.'s for dinner and visiting. Nora sure has taken a liking to her grandparents lately. Grandma P. is always quick to offer to bathe the kids. I walked past the utility room and this is what I saw:
I can't believe she got them both in there at the same time--and they're happy about it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Three Weeks!

Hard to believe we've had little Anna here for three weeks. For the most part the adjustment has not been too difficult. It has been made much easier thanks to great friends and family. I think I've cooked two meals since I've been home from the hospital. Looks like that's come to an end now, so it's back to reality!

Zane and Nora continue to love her, although Nora sometimes can't make up her mind if she wants to compete for Mom's attention, or just be mad or just love her sister. Almost daily Zane will say "I wanna hold her." I will set Anna in his lap and he will hold her for about ten seconds and then say "I'm finished." Nora will often want to hold Anna and will want to hold her for a LONG time. I will hold Anna in Nora's lap but then try to take her away so I can get something done and Nora will just scream. She would be content if I just let Anna sit in her lap all afternoon.
Anna continues to be a good-natured baby. We've had just a couple of "difficult" nights/days, and by difficult I mean she just wants to be held--not difficult like inconsolable. She nurses about every three hours and is growing like a weed. At her two-week appointment I was hoping she was back up to birth weight--it just didn't seem she was eating that much. She surprised me coming in at 9 pounds! She is changing so much.

We've had a couple of nice sunny days and were able to get outside. We all needed the fresh air and sunshine. I even ventured to the grocery store with all three kids--in the rain--but I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon.

Should I be concerned that this is where I found the beloved Foof-foof?
Grandpa P and Anna

Zand and Nora love to play in her bed after nap time

Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Nora really can't wait until Anna can play
Kind of grumpy after a nap

Getting bigger!
Zane wants Anna to play, too. Yes, their room is a disaster!
Almost a smile!

Pensive--a common look for her