Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just some more pictures

Of course, Anna is just changing every day. I can't get over how quickly it happens. She is still a very sweet baby. She is waking up a lot more during the day but is generally pretty quiet. She seems to only cry when she's hungry, gassy, tired or if someone is mauling her. She seems to be spitting up A LOT every morning. I think it's too much foremilk, which I guess I know how to fix, but who wants to go to all that work? She's on the verge of smiling. I think I might have actually got a real smile this morning. I can't wait until it's more consistent.

Sadly, Nora has given up her morning nap and for the most part and Zane is starting to give up his nap altogether. The other day Grandpa called and wanted to know if Zane had been put down for his nap yet. He hadn't and I figured he probably wouldn't sleep so we started "quiet time." Zane sat quietly on the couch for 45 minutes and didn't bother mom once. Oh, if only it lasts!

"Nora's a reindeer!" or at least that's what Zane said after I put these pigtails in her hair. I've found that it's the only way to keep her long hair on top from getting crusted to her runny nose. Nice, huh?

Kevin's been so busy this term with school, work and Elder's quorum responsibilities. Sometimes it feels like we never see him. When he does get to be home he's always good about spending quality time with the kids. Here they are enjoying a few good books together.

I received this apron in the mail last week (thank you). Zane's eyes lit up when he saw it and of course he wanted me to wear it. Then he wanted to wear it. That lasted about 30 seconds before he wanted it off. I tried to get a picture first, but he wanted it off--now!

Nora has found that she rather likes sitting in Anna's swing. I tried to put it in a inconspicuous spot, but she always finds her way over there. Sometimes Anna is resting peacefully and then gets lovingly mauled by Nora. So I have to move Anna out of the chair and then Nora quickly finds her way in. She's a clever little thing, no?

Monday, March 1, 2010


Since we don't really go anywhere these days, it seems I don't take many pictures. I tried to be more conscientious this week and get a few pictures. You'll notice lots of snotty noses. We've all been sick--including Anna and I. I kind of feel a little guilty after going to the doctor and getting antibiotic for myself, but making my kids suffer through it and fight it off themselves. However, they really did seem to be recovering a lot more quickly than I was. They were getting better and I was getting worse. We're all on the mend now, though.

Anna is changing so much. She weighs over 11 pounds now and is still super sweet! Anna was resting in the sun, and Zane and Nora wanted to share their toys--Zanes Foof-foof and Daddy's shoes from Nora.

A chocoloate chip cookie was the first thing I could get Nora to eat for four days. Her eyes still look sick, but her mouth looks happy!
Nora was so proud of getting herself into the car. I wasn't sure how she did it. . .
. . . until I saw this. She is determined!

Nora can sit and look at a magazine or book for a long time. Here she is, happily doing just that. Zane's got some pretty big shoes to fill.
Nora loves to play with Kevin's "house shoes".
Daddy and his girls.