Thursday, December 16, 2010

Visiting Santa

The kids enjoyed a visit to Santa. Zane learned that Santa's favorite cookies are chocolate chip and that the reindeer like carrots. I was surprised that Zane was willing to sit on his lap. In fact, Nora was more shy and stood behind Zane, pushing him along. Anna was just happy to be along for the ride.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A few recent pictures. . .

The kids wanted to get out the nativity costumes, so I let them. How cute are they?
Grandma Tolman got these cute dresses for the girls. Oh my, how everyone loved it on Nora! I wanted to get a picture of Anna, too, but she was napping and then I forgot.
I don't like this picture because Zane looks so grown up. Please stop it!
Nora does like her pretty things.

We Need a Little Christmas

Here are a few of the things we've been doing to prepare for Christmas (in reverse order). We also went to the Festival of Nativities which was wonderful. The perfect activity to help the kids remember and enjoy the real reason for Christmas. Of course we have also visited Santa. Believe it or not, Zane sat on Santa's lap and we have a picture to prove it (coming soon).

Enjoying the tree
Decorating the tree
Decorating gingerbread cookie ornaments.

Cutting gingerbread cookie ornaments.
Hmmm. . . distracted from cutting cookies. This became his own personal "sandbox." Don't worry. If you get a plate of goodies from us, I promise this flour won't be used for that.
Cutting down a tree (from a tree farm). I just didn't feel like carting three babies up to Mt. Hood this year--especially since Zane does not like to be cold or get in the snow.

Idaho Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving in Idaho this year. Kevin was between jobs (that's another story), so we took a whole week. We had a lot of fun visiting with family, playing outside, eating great food, playing games and kicking off Christmas.

Going shopping
Zane LOVES this crane!
It takes two to unwrap any presents around here.
Miss Anna: 10-months-old
Nora and Maggie sharing Maggie's new coloring book
Little Mama and her new babyHolly and Nora (yep that's Nora in the camo)
Waitin' for our turn--it was COLD!
Nora waiting for her turn on the sled.
The kids' tables
Showing off her new teeth!
Nora following in Grandpa's tracks