Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zane Turns 3 !?!

I can hardly believe my baby Zane is turning into a "big boy". Something happens when they turn three. I remember going out of town a few months ago and coming back. While we were gone a friends child had turned three and he just seemed so much bigger. Well, it's happened to Zane.

Well, I LOVE three-year-olds. They can tell great stories, have some reasoning skills and are just a lot of fun. I love hearing my kids practice things I teach them (at least practicing the good things). Zane tends to get frustrated easily. So I've tried to teach him that he "can do hard things." Yesterday he was trying to put something away and it was hard. I heard him say, "This is really hard. I can do hard things," and he did it! Some things do sink in.

For Zane's birthday we went "camping." We pitched our tents in Grandma and Grandpa's trees, built a fire, and had a blast. We told Zane he could invite a friend and he wanted to invite Boyd. We were happy to have Boyd's family with us. We love them.

The kids had a blast driving the battery operated cars, picking berries, playing on the play structure, and eating. I was surprised at how well my kids slept. Zane and Nora didn't make a peep and Anna only woke up for her middle-of-the-night-snack.

We were happy to have Grandma and Grandpa Pickup, Jessica, Jennifer and Aunt Brenda and her kids with us as well.

Helping Dad pitch the tent
Anna, Daddy, Zane, Annie, Grandma Opening presentsAll the kids wanted to help open the presents

Nora mooching off Brenda, Boyd and Grandma, Jacob, Aaron.

By the way, Boyd and Blythe really took to Ray and Lynnette and were calling them Grandma and Grandpa. It was pretty cute.

Enjoying s'mores

Fire truck birthday cake made by mom. A learning experience, indeed.

Nora and Annie enjoying cake and crowding Grandpa's lap.

One happy birthday boy!Picking raspberries