Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Days of our Lives

Well, it's been an interesting week. Where should we start? Hmmm, how about at I think I got a speeding ticket in a school zone! Argh! There is a school zone on Stark Street (which we drive through at least once a day). Of course, I always slow down to 20 mph and get passed by about a dozen cars going 40, only to end up stopped at the same traffic light all together. Every time this happens I go on a rant about "Why don't they patrol this better? They should have the photo-radar vans set up here. I'm going to talk to Ty (our Police Officer friend) about this. Yada, yada, yada." So two days before school gets out, I'm driving through the school zone. There are no other cars around me, so I think I forgot to set a good example. Also I was distracted by the idiocy of the driver who just cut through four lanes of traffic to turn the wrong way down a one-way street. Also, I was distracted by the deliciousness of the Kit-Kat bar I was devouring (finally sweets taste good again). Suddenly, I see a flash of light as I'm licking the chocolatey goodness off my fingers, and I see the photo-radar van. Well, I can't be too upset. I was speeding (35 mph). But WHY did it have to happen to me? The one who slows down 99% of the time. Oh, well. We'll just keep checking the mail for that lovely picture accompanied by an exhorbitant fine.

Kevin, Zane and I went camping Friday night. It was a lot of fun. We just went driving on a forest service road south of Estacada until we found a camp site. We had fun driving through some big mud puddles. It was also adventurous going down a very narrow muddy road only to have to back up uphill. I was a little nervous when I heard Kevin say "Oh, where'd the road go." What?! Don't say that! But we were safe. We decided to try and put Zane in the tent and see if he would sleep without us. I was convinced he wouldn't, but after a few minutes of wrestling around, he got comfortable and fell asleep. He's proved he's not ready for a big boy bed, as he kept trying to squish himself into a corner, but because there are no corners he just fell off the matress half a dozen times. Kevin made a delicious breakfast of hot chocolate and breakfast burritos. I have to say, I think one of my favorite things is having Kevin take charge on our campouts. I love to have him cook for us and take care of us. He is really in his element out there.
Kevin got to celebrate his first Father's Day as a Daddy. Zane gave him a gift of sleeping in. Good job, Buddy! Then we made him Swedish Pancakes for breakfast. We went up to Grandma and Grandpa Pickup's for dinner and Kevin was not allowed to help cook or clean up. This is very unusual as he is usually the first to start clearing and cleaning dishes. He just got to relax. Then we made him his favorite dessert--apple pie. Too bad we didnt' have any ice cream. He enjoyed it anyway. Kevin is the best Dad! He works so hard for us and is so much fun. We really are so blessed to have him as the head of our home. Look how happy he makes Zane!

Yea, Dad!

Yummy--apple pie!

We're sad that our friends Becky and Erica are leaving this week. Becky is going to BYU and Erica is going to work in Utah and then go to BYU-I in the fall. We (Zane and I) had a good time with Erica and Adrienne on Monday. We went downtown and went shopping and had lunch. Then we came home and Zane had a nap and the girls watched "Becoming Jane." (I had a little nap myself). Erica fixed dinner for us and did a great job. She's going to be a master chef by the time she comes home at Christmas. We are really going to miss them, but know they'll have so much fun and be so successful in school.

We're so glad Kevin's done with classes for the summer. We know once he's done with Grad. school it will all be worth it, but it sure hasn't been fun. We're looking forward to a fun summer together and with family.


kim said...

Good work for braving a camping trip with a little one. It's definitely not the same, but it is still fun. I'm glad you guys have a blog so I can see what you're up to. We miss you guys!

kim hibbert

Kedra Simpson said...

I love looking at all the cute pictures. It's been too long since we have gotten together. HOpefully soon!