Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Update

Well, we have some news on when we're having our baby. I was really excited at my appointment last week because I had started to dilate and efface which I never did with Zane. The doctor seemed to think that it was possible I could go into labor spontaneously. However, at my appointment today there had been no changes, Nora is still very high and other things aren't looking good. As we discussed options I felt really strongly that I needed to just listen to him--partly because of a blessing Kevin had given me and partly because of some thing that was said in my patriarchal blessing. I'm sure if I pushed the issue that I could carry this baby for another few weeks and go into labor, but I do fear that some of his concerns are very valid.

So, I'm trusting my doctor and we are scheduling a C-section for November 20. I have to say that I'm disappointed for various reasons. Neverthelesss, I do feel like it's the right decision. I called my mom (who sometimes has irritated me for encouraging a C-section and not understanding my desire for V-BAC) and I have to thank her for giving me a figurative slap up-side the head. She reminded me of all my blessings pertaining to this baby, pregnancy and childbirth and pointed out how fortunate we are to have had healthy pregnancies and to even be having babies at all. So, thanks Mom, and I'm glad you can stop having nightmares about my delivery now.

Disappointments about C-Section set aside, I am very excited about meeting Nora. It's kind of nice to know when it's coming. I am so looking forward to getting rid of this heartburn, up-all night peeing, hefting the weight around and listening to rude comments from people about how enormous I am. Also, (Tara, this will make you happy) I think I'm starting to see some stretch marks so I guess an extra week or two of not stretching will be good for that. I know, all selfish things, but it helps to see some of the positives of going this route.

So, nine more days! I feel a little lost like I have so much to do and now I have a deadline and where do I start. I'm glad to have Kevin's family close to help out with Zane and Nora. They are leaving on the following Tuesday and my parents will be here for the rest of the week. We'll keep you posted.


Kedra Simpson said...

I just sat down at the computer and this post popped up. I am glad it did because i think about you all the time! I know we have talked a lot about this and I know how bad you wanted to have a vbac. But I am happy to hear that you have a plan and that she will arrive safe and sound! our kids might be two days apart because Nolan isn't coming at this point in time either. I can't wait to meet her and to hear how things go. We love you and wish you and NOra all the best.

PS. Jodi is coming to help me out because of some unforseen things that have transpired over the last week and I will send shoes home with her.
PSS. Olivia talks about you having a girl, just like she is having a girl and mommy is having a boy. It's pretty funny!

Jodi said...

You Suck!! I wish I was having my baby on the 20th. I am glad that you feel goos about the decision and the you are almost done with this part of parenting a new child. Maybe I will get good news qt my appointment tomorrow.

Stephie said...

I hope everything goes well! It will feel good to have her out!

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing your concerns, Holly! I'm glad you've accepted something that isn't what you really wanted but know that is right- a TRUE mother! We'll be praying for you and I guess I'd better mail what I have for Nora so it's gets there in time!!! We love you!