Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm often surprised at the things Zane learns to do. I think kids are capable of a lot more than we think. This may be normal for this age but I wasn't expecting it. When I went to get Zane out of bed this morning, he was sitting up in bed and had the proudest look on his face. Why? He had no jammies on. I asked him where his jammies were and he "told" me they were in the hamper. Sure enough. Who knew he could undress himself? When I went to get him from his nap, same story. Luckily I keep a onesie-undershirt on him or I'm sure he would have been completely nude, including no diaper!


Keri said...

Packer went through the same stage--I had to keep onesies on him. Then he learned how to pull the onesie up hard enough to unsnap it!

Geniel said...

Hello to Holly and gang! I "blog hop" as you say about once a month. I got hooked on blogging last fall, but now I limit myself - I usually just stick to my kids', but I do enjoy extended family occasionally. I usually check your blog through Dal and Nat's link. YOUR KIDS ARE DARLING. It's fun to watch them grow. Take care.