Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Perfect Weekend.

This is late. It is about the first weekend in April. We were supposed to have Chad and Kedra come visit from Washington and Mark and Kelli come visit as well, but unfortunately that didn't work out. However, it ended up being a just lovely weekend. We had a delicious breakfast as a family on Saturday morning and then watched general conference at home. Nora slept and Zane played relatively quietly. The weather was absolutely beautiful and after the first session we ran around getting things for the garden. After a quick lunch, Zane and Nora went down for naps and Kevin and I got to watch the second session of conference. Then Kevin went to help some neighbors and I took the kids to the park. After the priesthood session we had the Peacocks and the Forts over for scones. Mmmmm. I think that may be a new tradition.

Sunday was another beautiful day. We watched conference at the stake center with Kevin's family. Then we had a "picnic" outside between sessions. Again, such a beautiful day. After lunch Kevin, Nora and I had a nap outside on a blanket in the grass while Zane played with Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Jessica, Grandma and Papa. As I lay falling asleep I noticed all the perfect feelings I was having. The warm sun beating down on me, the smell of fresh cut grass, a fly buzzing my ear occasionally, blue sky above, blossoms everywhere and their scent being carried on the very light breeze, laying next to my honey and my baby while my other baby had fun playing, having been physically and spiritually fed, feeling uplifted by the words I'd just heard. It couldn't have been a more perfect moment. To make things more perfect Zane and Nora both slept through the second session.

We enjoyed the evening with Grandpa and Grandma Pickup. I went to bed feeling just truly happy. It was a perfect weekend.