Sunday, May 3, 2009

April Update

It seems difficult already to remember what happened in April. Can it be May already? Of course, Zane and Nora just continue to change. Zane not as much as Nora. His favorite things are still books and transportation--cars, buses, airplanes, "choo-choos". He gets into everything, but really is the sweetest boy. He enjoys going to the library and bringing home new books every couple of weeks. He likes to get the step-stool at the library and help scan the books at the self check-out. His favorite books are books about big machines, trucks and tractors. He often asks to go see Papa-Moooo (Grandpa and the cows).

Nora finished the month by learning to sit up on her own. She is still a bit teetery, but loves her new independence. She just seems like a much happier baby now that you can just hand her a toy and she can sit and play with it. She refuses to spend any time on her tummy, though. She sleeps great, but unfortunately, is an early riser. How do you teach an infant that 5:30 am is not an acceptable wake-up time? I also figured out that she was starving in the evening--just not enough supply there by that time of night, so we've started supplementing with a bottle and she seems much happier about that, too.

Kevin celebrated his birthday. Somehow I neglected to write about it earlier. He finally got the shotgun he had been wanting for so long and I was glad his birthday finally came so I could stop hearing about how disappointed he was the day he thought I got it for him and then told him I didn't. He was pleasantly surprised. He tried to inform me what our next gun was going to be but I think I made it clear that I thought one gun per hand was enough. We were at the beach the night of his birthday and he seemed to really enjoy himself. He has been really busy with Elder's quorum and trying to fill that responsibility well.

Not much has changed with me. I have had a really hard time getting motivated to consistently train for my half-marathon, so we will see how that goes. I did get a new calling as the Primary Music leader. It is so much fun. I have really loved it so far. It might be the best calling there is, although cub scouts was pretty fun too. Other than that I pretty much spend my time doing laundry, at least that's how it seems some days!

We enjoyed a visit from my mom and dad toward the end of the month. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures. Zane loves it when they visit. We went to the beach for a day and then we spent a day downtown. It was nice just to be able to visit with them, play games and enjoy time together. They can never stay long enough and I've decided we just need to move closer.