Monday, September 21, 2009

Just another day at the beach

My parents were here for a bit on their anniversary trip to the coast. Zane, Nora and I joined them for a day in Lincoln City. Once again, it was a most beautiful day. It was hard to leave. Of course Zane and Nora had a fabulous time. The day before we went to the beach we spent some time down town.

Happy Anniversary

My mom and dad celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this month. We tried to surprise them with a dinner at one of their favorite restaurants, but they were on to us. We had a delicious dinner and a nice visit as a family, although it was a quick one. They're a great couple and I'm glad to have them as parents.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's a . . .

GIRL! Hopefully, this isn't too big of a surprise to too many people, but that's right. We're having ANOTHER baby. A BIG surprise to us, actually. We had the ultrasound yesterday and the technician said he was confident it was a girl. I could tell with Nora but not this one. He tried to tell us how he could tell but I wasn't seeing it. However, I wasn't seeing what I saw with Zane either so I believe him. So we'll be happily welcoming baby 3 in January!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Kevin didn't have to work on Labor Day so we decided to go to the beach. I was a little leery because I thought everyone would be going to the beach and we would spend half the day in traffic. Also, there was a slight chance of rain. Kevin confidently declared, "It's not going to rain." So, off we went. There was no extra traffic, which was great, but we were only 15 minutes from the coast and it was dumping rain. Once we got to Lincoln City though, there was no rain. The weather was actually beautiful. We walked across "D" River, the smallest river in the world supposedly. Really, it was about 10 feet across and ankle deep. No one else seemed to want to cross so we had that side of the beach pretty much to ourselves. The kids could play all day on the beach. We had a really great time. Of course we ate at Mo's but were disappointed in our food. After playing at the beach some more, we headed for ice cream and home. When we got up this morning I asked Zane what he wanted to do today. He said, "I wanna go back to beach." Maybe next week when Grandpa and Grandma Tolman come visit.

Raymond Park Play Date

On Wednesdays we get together with some other moms and kids and play. Last week we went to Raymond Park. It was a beautiful day. We had a little picnic and then played on the playground a bit. Zane had a blast running through the water feature . Nora really wanted to get in, but every time she got too close, the water was just a bit to forceful and she would get upset. Still, she seemed to have a good time too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have been contemplating bangs for Nora for a long time, but keep deciding against it for one reason or another. Finally, Friday morning I just got tired of all the food in her hair, and the poor girl can't see until I find time to pull her hair back, so I just got out the scissors and did it. It's very hard to get a 9-month-old to hold still. Too bad I cut them way to short and kind of crooked. I thought about blaming it on Zane. Oh well, in two weeks they'll be just right and I think she looks super cute with bangs.

A Fun Week

Last week the kids and I had a lot of fun. Monday we went to OMSI. I'd been to OMSI before, but didn't realize there was a small "Science Playground" just for kids 0-6. Zane and Nora both had a great time. Zane spent a good 45 minutes in the sandbox, so Nora did too. They both enjoyed playing with the balls and exploring the "caves." Unfortunately, I left my camera home.

Tuesday, a fellow teacher friend invited some of us teachers up to a house she has in Longview. It was about an hour drive, but it was worth it. They have a huge yard and the kids just played outside while we moms got to sit and visit. Since I am not teaching any more it was nice to see them again and just catch up. We had a very nice lunch hosted by Heather. We had to leave a bit early because Nora had a Dr. appointment and both kids were desperate for naps. Nora was sound asleep in her car seat before we had even gone the approximately 8 blocks to the first turn. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures--again.

Wednesday was not so fun. Zane woke up very late and it took him about 20 minutes of moaning to actually wake up. I had a feeling he was going to be sick. When he did finally wake up I went in to get him and he said his tummy hurt. Hoping he was just hungry I took him down for breakfast, but unfortunately after about 4 bites of cereal I saw him struggling to keep it down so I rushed him off to the toilet and fortunately made it in time. That was the only episode that day and he wanted to go back and finish breakfast. He acted energetic and normal other than complaining of a tummy ache and being a little crankier than usual. Glad it only lasted a little while.

Thursday we went to three stores. I know, big deal, right? But really, some days it is a big deal. Three stores with both kids. We got Zane some big boy unders and he was so excited about it he had the package open and one pair on each leg before we got home. Seriously contemplating starting toilet training soon. Also, I made three dinners that evening so I'm pretty proud of myself.

Friday I took the kids to the Dahlia festival. The flowers are amazing-better than the tulip festival, I think. There's not a lot of kids to do though. Zane did enjoy watching the pond of large koi and observing bees gathering pollen.