Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's good to be home. So I don't forget details, I thought I better get my story down sooner rather than later. Kevin and I arrived at the hospital early Thursday morning--about 6:20 a.m. We checked in, went up to our room, met our nurse, the anesthesiologist and basically just waited for everyone involved in the surgery to get there. I have mixed feelings about that operating room. On one hand it has been the room where my greatest blessings have arrived, but it is so cold and bright and stark. I hate sitting there getting a "spinal" and worrying that it won't be effective or that something will go wrong and I will actually feel what is happening. My anesthesiologist was pretty good and I was only slightly nauseous for a few seconds. Once the surgery started, Anna was here and healthily wailing in practically minutes. It seemed like Dr. Drake (who is wonderful) was pretty quick putting things back together and I was back in my room fairly quickly.

Once we got back to our room and I was holding little Anna while they were doing some vitals on me, we noticed Anna's color was really pretty awful. Her extremities were quite blue and her face looked just wrong. I had started feeling a bit light-headed myself and the decision was made to take her to the nursery to assess her and try to get some fluids in her. My understanding when she left the room was that we would maybe try to supplement with formula, but they were gone for a long time and no one had come to tell me what was going on. After about 45 minutes or an hour Lynnette showed up. I told her Anna and Kevin were in the nursery. She visited with me for a minute but then left. Shortly after that Anna returned to my room. I thought Lynnette had maybe "encouraged" them to bring her back, but she said she hadn't. Kevin said that they had tried several times to get an IV started but he finally asked them to stop and just bring her back to me let us be together and I could try to feed her. I am glad he knew what was best and told them. He didn't know how heroic that was to me. She nursed well and we spent good time bonding and she quickly returned to normal.

I, however, had a very difficult day. I was vomiting all day, which is not fun after abdominal surgery. I was sweating hot, dizzy and my blood pressure was quite low all day. I couldn't even think about eating anything, even though I was starving and hadn't eaten since the night before. I was so glad Kevin was there with me and we had limited visitors our first day. By about 8:00 that night I started to feel better and my appetite was beginning to return.

The next few days in the hospital were rather enjoyable. I think Adventist Medical Center is a wonderful hospital (even though the food is much better at Providence). The nurses and all the staff are very considerate and took good care of us. We had a few visitors every day. Between my friend Kedra and Lynnette the kids were well cared for. Kevin was able to spend time home with the kids and also at the hospital with me. Kevin brought Zane over Friday because he seemed really unsure about everything when he saw me Thursday. We had some good one-on-one time--watching "John Deere," going on walks, and eating popsicles. By the time he left he decided we could keep Anna and everything was okay.

We got home Sunday about 11:00. My mom has been here helping with the kids. It has been so good to be home. I don't know what I would do without my mom though. She has cleaned up more than her fair share of vomit and poop. Nora has been sick--vomiting Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It was really hard for me not to be able to pick her up and carry her. Grandma was able to do that though, and Nora was not neglected. Now Zane is not feeling well.

Mom has been cooking and cleaning and caring so well for my kids. I feel like I am recovering really well from the surgery this time. Even though I feel I am recovering really well, there are just things I can't or shouldn't do. Between my mom not thinking I should lift a finger and me wanting to do more than I should, I am probably keeping it about where it should be under her watchful eye. I am so glad Mom has been here to help. I can't say enough how grateful I am.
Anna has been a very, very good baby so far. She is peaceful and calm. When she does get upset, which is very rare, she is easily soothed. She nurses well and sleeps pretty well. Zane and Nora really seem to love her and like to hold her and rub her head.

This has been a very happy week for me. I feel more rested and physically comfortable than I have felt for months. I sit around with my little family and am overcome by feelings of gratitude
for the blessings I have.

Grandma and Nora have become very good friends.
A nice day at the park. We were all anxious to get out of the house.

Peacefully resting in Grandma's arms. I insisted that part of Grandma's time here should include just snuggling. She feels like she always has to be waiting on us.
Love from Brother
More love

Friday, January 22, 2010

Anna Day 2

Here are some more pictures.
We can take visitors now except 2-4pm.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anna's Here!

8:33 am 7 lb 13 oz 19 in
Mom and baby are doing well.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby update

Just to let everyone know, we are scheduled for a c-section next Thursdaymorning, the 21st. I am so very exited. With the exception of family we plan on not having visitors until Friday. My friend Kedra will be coming to take care of the kids on Thursday and Friday (love you Keds). Then my mom will be here Saturday through the next Sunday (love you Mom ) and then Kevin's mom is plannig to take a few days the next week to help out here (love you, Lynnette). So that puts me through the first two weeks, which I'm the most worried about. I know I'm not SUPPOSED to lift or do anything for six weeks, but really, I think two good weeks will be the most important. Also, so many people from the ward and my friends have offered to help. I'm so thankful for that! I will definitely let people know.

I'm excited to meet this little girl and even though I know how much work it is once they get here, I am SO READY for this pregnancy to be over!!! It has been a pretty rough one these last couple of months. Also, I have been sick for a week and I think this little banana is just sucking all my ability to get well. I think I'm on the mend now (I've been saying that every night now) and am looking forward to finally getting a few things done to prepare for baby three.

I have been showing Zane videos of his birth and Nora's birth to help him understand what is happening. The other day I walked in their bedroom and Zane was pushing on Nora's belly and pulling on her legs. I asked what he was doing and he said "I'm cutting the baby out. I'm the doctor. It's okay, Nora. It's okay." Cracked me up! He's always asking now when the baby's going to come out.

So be blog-watching and hopefully we'll have some good news posted by Thursday evening or Friday.

Playing with cousins

While spending over a week with the Pickups, we had quite a bit of fun. We played at the church (Steal the Bacon, volleyball, just running around), went bowling, made Christmas trees wtih frosting and sugar cones, played outside, and drove Grandpa crazy running around inside. Zane and Nora really loved getting to know their cousins better and learned a few new tricks as a result. When we left Grandpa and Grandma's Zane wanted to know "where did my cousins go?" It was a fun, busy week and we really got to spend some good time together.
Nora on the merry-go-round at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Zane's favorite thing at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Zane is definitely a John Deere boy.
Bowling!! I think Zane got a higher score than mom and he LOVED it! Can you tell?
Nora looks like she's had a rough day. Played too hard, I guess.
Kade's baptism.

Kaleb was sleeping on the rug by the door. Zane was rather concerned.
We had a hard time getting all candy on the trees and not in the mouths.
Grandpa's girl

Secret Pal

Another fun tradition the Pickups have is Secret Pal. The siblings draw names and then keep it a secret all year who you are getting a gift for for Christmas. The rule is it has to be homemade. We always have a lot of fun deciding what to make for the family or person we have and are alway pleased with our lovingly homecrafted gifts. This year we had Brian and Samantha and made them a puppet theater with puppets. The front of the theater is chalkboard paint, so hopefully that works well. Sean had us and made us costumes for the nativity. He made Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, a wise man, and an angel. I was so excited about this! He also found a copy of "Grover Goes to School" and burned a CD for Kevin. (Funny tradition that the Pickup boys have includes listening to this book on tape).

Me in part of the angel costume and the scarf Samantha knitted that I tried to steal from Jennifer.

Brian and Sam with the puppets and theater we made.

Everyone with their Secret Pal gifts (including Brenda and Blaine on Skype in the computer).

Christmas Day at the Pickups

What a great Christmas we had! We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and about an additional week) at the Pickups. Santa was very good to us. He brought Zane a toy train set adn and elf made a "train table" that fits perfectly under Zane's bed. He brought Nora a kitchen. Both kids enjoy both gifts and are entertained for a long time. We really enjoyed sharing the day with everyone. It was a great celebration.

Checking out the stockings.

Waiting to go down and see Christmas!
Dad waiting to go down and see what Santa brought.

Dad and Zane playing with the train.
Grandpa knows how to keep Nora close.
Tearing into the big present. Lots of fun to be had!

Zane having "Foof-foof" play with his new train.
Daddy and Nora enjoying a Christmas morning snack.
I love you Daddy!

Christmas Eve with the Pickups

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with the Pickups. One of my favorite traditions is the nativity. Kevin always gets out of "acting" because he's the official filmer which means he sits behind the video camera that sits on the tri-pod. They made me be "expecting" Mary and Hailey was the other Mary. Nora was the cutest little angel and Zane was the cutest little shepherd. I was so surprised that Zane was cooperative. He doesn't like new experiences and especially wearing things that are "uncomfortable" like coats, hats, sweaters etc. He did a great job though. We also sang a lot and ate good food.

The performers
The cutest little angel and her pretty cute aunt, too!
The cutest little shepherd
Christmas Day Dinner

Thanksgiving/Christmas in Idaho

We went to Idaho for Thanksgiving and also celebrated Christmas with the Tolman family. Sadly, I did not get a lot of pictures of our trip. Once again, my excuse is--I was too tired. I mean, who wants to go up or down stairs or even get out of their chair to go find the camera, right? We did have a good trip and enjoyed seeing all of our family. Of course the food was delicious! We played games, rode on Grandpa's new toy, ate way too much, and watched a couple of good movies. One night I did get sick--fever, aches, etc. I took a hot bath and then tried to get out of the bathroom but it wouldn't unlock. I banged on the door and yelled for Kevin. I was right next to the kid's room and hoped he would hear me through the monitor without waking them up. I probably tried for five full minutes, although it felt like fifteen minutes. Finally, I yelled for Zane to come out of the room. Luckily, he heard me and came out. I told him to go upstairs and tell Daddy that Mommy was stuck. He dutifully obeyed and came to my rescue, but as soon as he got to the top of the stairs , I got the door unlocked. I tell you, this two-year-old has way had to take on way more responsibility than any two-year-old should. I don't know what I'd do without him. Zane and Nora traveled well, even with Zane only being potty trained for about a month. After we got home, Zane wanted to go back. We just need to live closer!

Zane and Dad opening Nora's gift. She had to miss the party for a nap--bummer.
Zane and Dad opening one of Zane's favorite toys--John Deere!

Kevin gettin' in the Christmas spirit.