Friday, June 25, 2010

June Pictures

Off on another couponing trip! Nora's really gotten "cheese-y" for the camera lately. Zane just thinks he's cool in his sunglasses. A special treat for us when we go couponing to Rite Aid and Albertson's is to walk around the corner to Daylight Donuts. These are delicious donuts and it supports a local business, so a rationalize every trip.

Joey and Anna during Joey's "going away dinner."
One last picture with Joey. It was a great Sunday with him and his family. He was ordained an Elder and we had the whole family over for dinner. President and Sister Peacock and Joey and Adrienne helped entertain Zane and Nora through two hours of stake conference. Unfortunately, Kevin missed all the day's events. He was in Idaho for his Grandpa's funeral.

Nora loves to mother Anna.
Sisters! I hope they always love each other so much.
A beautiful day for a picnic. We went to Oxbow State Park, which Zane has declared "his favorite park."


Erica Peacock said...

You guys are such great friends! Anna is GORGEOUS!!!