Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kevin

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day and we had a lot of fun celebrating Kevin's birthday. We let him sleep in a bit and then made him breakfast--"roll-up pancake" as Zane and Nora call them. Then the kids and Kevin played outside and worked in the garage while Holly baked a cake and got some things ready. Grandma P., Jennifer and Jessica came swimming with us. Then we came home and had pizza and presents. Grandma and Grandpa got him a hitch for his truck so Grandpa and Dad decided to make a project out of it, then and there. Probably the best thing Kevin could do on his birthday. We girls and kids hung around for a while, then walked to the park and played, then came back to see if they were ready for cake yet! Finally, after about another 45 minutes, they were ready for cake and we ate it quickly as Jennifer and Jessica had some things they wanted to do and Holly and Kevin were heading out to the temple. Going to the temple was a perfect way to end a perfect day and to prepare for our Easter Sunday.