Wednesday, April 27, 2011

March/April 2011

Wow, the time can really get away. I may just be able to update every two months. I went to import my pictures today and sadly realized that I have not used my camera nearly enough. Only three pictures the whole month of March! I have been better the last few weeks, though.

In March Zane had a Primary Music Program. It was the first time he had ever participated in anything like this and I was little concerned he might not do it. However, he was pretty excited and did a great job. Our primary sang "Saturday" and "Seek the Lord Early." He was always practicing and was excited to sing on stage. Then all the primary children in the stake sang "If I Listen With My Heart." Grandpa and Grandma Pickup came to watch. It was a fun night and I think Zane felt very proud of himself. We ended the evening with Zane and Nora's new favorite treat-- root beer floats!

The very end of March we had an ultrasound and found out we're having a GIRL! I have to confess, I was a little disappointed as I was hoping to have a brother for Zane, and he was too. I guess these girls just need a really awesome big brother. Kevin also seemed disappointed so I asked him if he was okay and he said he was just sad we had to give most of our kids away and he was thinking about paying for three weddings! Now that we're used to the idea we're very excited and are having fun thinking of names.

In April I decided I needed a change of pace so I decided to take the kids to Idaho to spend some time with my parents. We also wanted to attend the baptism of our nephew/cousin, Kyler. It turned out that Kevin's aunt unexpectedly passed away and the funeral was the same day as the baptism in a nearby town, so we were also able to attend the funeral. That also meant that I had some help traveling, as Grandma and Grandpa P. were going to the funeral. Grandma was a big help, and the kids traveled pretty well. Zane and Nora were excited to sleep in a hotel. Zane had a lot of questions about death and was pretty nervous, but by the end I think he felt more comfortable and had a better understanding so it was a good experience. I was glad to be able to be there with Kevin's family. We had fun celebrating Kyler's baptism with Grandpa and Grandma and cousins and staying in a hotel with Grandma and Grandpa, but we were also glad to finally get to Grandpa and Grandma's and get out of the car.

The kids really enjoyed being in Idaho. They didn't mind that it was a little cold. They wanted to be outside EVERY day. Every time Anna heard the word "shoes" or "outside" she would run to get her shoes and jacket and would demand to have help getting dressed to go out. Mostly they drove the John Deere Gator. I was able to convince Zane to try and take a ride with Grandpa on his ATV. He was not so sure, but he tried it and before long he was yelling "Faster!" Of course, that gave Nora assurance that it was okay and they had a good ride together. We also spent a day with Aunt Kristi and cousins. Again, no one seemed to mind that it was a little chilly. We were just glad to get outside. The week went by too quickly and we left early Saturday morning. Before we even got out of the driveway, Zane said, almost in tears, "Mom, I miss Grandma Tolman." Grandma Pickup had stayed for the week to spend time with Kristi and family, Sean, Jennifer and Jessica so she traveled home with us, for which I was very grateful! We were happy to get home to Daddy. We missed him! We just wish we lived closer to Grandma and Grandpa Tolman.

While we were in Idaho my good friend had an emergency C-section, so I was kind of anxious to get home and help her. She doesn't have any family here and I know, having had three C-sections, how much it meant to have people help. I took her kids every day the week we got home. All the kids play really well together but by Thursday afternoon I think they were all ready for a break--too much of a good think, I guess. We had a lot of fun having them here, though. Also, Joey came in to town for a wedding and we got to visit with him some. He is getting ready to go on his mission and finalized his papers while he was here.


Andrea said...

hey! congrats! girls are fantastic and i'm so excited for you! good luck with your house and everything else!!! lyg!!!