Monday, January 26, 2009

Life lessons from crooked teeth

My dear sweet Zane. The hardest part of your day today was when you bent the teeth on your comb and this is the best job mom could do at setting them back to straight. Oh, how you cried those big wet tears. Oh, how that bottom lip turned down and you looked at me, begging me to make them perfectly straight. No matter how I tried to tell you that it was the best I could do, or convince you that it was still okay and your comb could still perform the many functions it had been performing today, you would not be consoled. Eventually, you moved on to your phone and your cars and found joy in them. You even made your way back to your comb and the crooked teeth didn't seem so bad after all.

As I thought about that, I suddenly wondered how many times in my life, especially the last few weeks, has Heavenly Father looked at me and said "Oh, my dear sweet daughter. It's okay. Even though things aren't perfect, they are still good and as they should be. Not only that, you too, will soon outgrow this stage and move on to other things, and these 'crooked teeth' will not seem so significant." Sometimes I'm sure my big problems seem so silly, like crooked teeth on a comb.
Thanks son, for helping Mom gain a little perspective today.


Kedra Simpson said...

so cute!!! Your sweet children are adorable and you are a great mother!!

Kristi said...

Thanks for sharing, Holly! These are the times when I too would look at it differently and find some lesson and a better perspective. I TOO thank Zane for his experience!

Ken and Sharon said...

I love that - thanks for sharing your insight - Sharon