Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun at the Children's Museum

Grandpa and Grandma Pickup gave Zane a membership to the Children's Museum for Christmas. This is a sanity saver for Mom and just a good old time for Zane. I've been trying to go every week and Zane loves it. Right now they have a "Bob the Builder" exhibit. Zane likes to play in all of Bob's equipment. He also likes to play in the Dig Pit and the hospital. What a fantastic gift for both me and Zane!


Kristi said...

I am SO jealous you have something like this near you. That is something that is SO sad about Idaho- there is NOTHING like that to take the kids to during the winter. All we got is the GROSS playgrounds at McDonalds and Artic Circle. OH well . . . can't complain TOO much, right! Thanks for the "update" I hope I can keep it up. Last year I lasted to March! I'm shooting for the WHOLE year this time around!