Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weather, illness and other tidbits

We've had strange weather here lately. Saturday it was so warm we opened all the windows for most of the day. I love those days, after months of indoor air, when you can just air everything out. Yesterday it snowed. Early last week we had a nice enough day that we could go outside and play at the park. Yea! Nora slept most of the time, but Zane had a great time finally getting some fresh air.

Unfortunately, this is how we spent most of the next day:Poor Zane had had a little cold for a week. On Wednesday he was burning up, so after calling my mom I took him to the doc and found out he had an ear infection in each ear. He spent the whole day either in my arms or on the couch or in his bed. He was so sad. He just layed on the couch and whimpered with big tears rolling down his cheeks. Break my heart! Nora seemed to know he needed extra attention because she slept most of the day. What a nice sister.

Thank goodness for antibiotics. After just one dose and a good nights rest, Zane was much more happy and energetic. He loves playing with Nora, and she loves having a big brother.

Little Nora just gets better every day. She's still sleeping very well. She seems to be growing well. She smiles so easily and is beginning to giggle, just a little.


The Palmer Family said...

Wow Holly! She is just so beautiful!

Kedra Simpson said...

I am so glad that Zane is feeling better. Nora is looking adorable as ever.

Keri said...

Nora is a doll! I think she looks like her mother!