Monday, March 16, 2009

Sibling Love

As we now know, Zane likes to climb in Nora's crib. It's really pretty cute to find them both in there looking at the mobile. It's not so cute when he's lovingly mauling her.

Zane's having a really hard time waiting for Nora to be big enough to play. I laid her on her back and he rolled her over on her tummy and started "reading" a book to her, also laying on his tummy. I ran out to get the camera and came back to this:
I had to snap the picture before rescuing the screaming Nora. What a good mother, huh?


Brooks Family said...

Older siblings are so cute and fun to watch when a new one comes. This reminds me of some precious memories I have with Jacob and Annie. Before you know it, Nora will be active right along with Zane. I used to let Jacob pull Annie by her feet. Jacob loved to have Annie by him all the time and this was a safe way for her to be moved without me constantly following them around all day. It was pretty cute to watch as well.

Andrea said...

Cute picts!! Your babies are so beautiful! They're getting big!! Yea Pickups!

Lewis' said...

Unforgetable~ Siblings~ Even though you didn't catch it all on film those will be hilarious as they get older. What an awesome BIG brother! I bet Nora loves it too.

Sharon said...

Great picture! Those are the great memories that make up a great family :)