Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Zane van Gogh or Zane the Builder

Zane continues to have fun at The Children's Museum almost every week. We're skipping this week because of Oregon Spring Break and maybe next week because of Washington Spring Break. I'm afraid it will be packed! He really enjoys the temporary Bob the Builder exhibit that is there until June. I think he thinks he's like Daddy in the garage.

Today I was making the grocery list and Zane wanted to use a pen and paper too, so I let him. Of course, like most toddlers, he managed to get some on himself. He suddenly started excitedly saying "Baby, baby!" and pointing at his hand, so I paused to take a look, thinking perhaps she had scratched him or something. Here's what I saw: Can you see the baby? I thought it was so funny and interesting.


tolmanranch said...

Holly "BABE" Grandma T loves your blog! The children are angels and how blessed they are to belong to you and Kevin!!