Monday, August 24, 2009

The Beach

Last week I called my friend Kedra from Seattle. I had been so bummed that Kevin didn't have any more time off and that we probably wouldn't be going anywhere until Thanksgiving. Then I came to the realization that just because Kevin can't go somewhere and have fun, doesn't mean I can't take the kids and do something. Kedra was thinking the same thing and so we packed up the kids and took the kids overnight to the beach. It was a lot of work having four little ones and no daddies to help. The kids really had a great time and so did Kedra and I. However, I think we decided we would only try day trips from now on. At least for a while. Thanks, Kevin, for working so hard so we can go do fun things. It would be more fun if you could go, but we sure appreciate it.

I forgot to take my camera down to the beach, so I’ll have to get those pictures from Kedra. I swear, Zane could spend all day contentedly in the sand.

The end of the trip. All four kids slept most of the way home.
(Notice those cute little toesies up front)
Zane enjoying his ice cream
Window shopping
Walking around town
Riding the carousel
Playing in the hotel