Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tolman Reunion

In June we enjoyed a nice visit to Idaho for the Tolman Family Reunion. We had a great time visiting with family and getting reacquainted with cousins. We went to Tautphus Park and Zoo one day with my parents.

Grandpa swinging Zane. "Whee. . ."
Zane's favorite were the monkeys

"Come here, Tiger. I'll pet your ear."

Zane loved feeding and petting the goats.
Riding bikes with Daddy
Grandma's always good for sneakin' some treats
Nora and Aunt Tara
We really enjoyed spending time with Grandpa and Grandma and playing in their big yard. Zane loved having the freedom to go pretty much wherever he wanted. He even enjoyed driving the jeep once he warmed up to the idea. We just looked over one day and there was Zane, driving off into the sunset. We had lots of good food. Of course we had the annual treasure hunt, a pinata and played some fun games. We got a water balloon launcher and had a lot of fun wiht that. I think Kevin had the most fun with that.
Nora got lots of practice crawling. She much prefers to stand, so we had to force her to practice crawling. I told Ashlee it was her job to make sure Nora was a crawler by the time we left (I was worried she would walk before she crawled)and she did a great job.
Grandpa and Grandma were having some work done in the yard and Zane thought it was so exciting to watch the tractors working.
Nora insists on standing
The biggest kid of all
Water balloon launch
"Out of my way!"
Zane and Grandpa checking out one of the tractors
Splashing in the pool on a hot day