Tuesday, August 11, 2009

July Fun

Two years old?!?! Can it really be? In July we celebrated Zane's second birthday. Hard to believe. He had some friends and Grandpa and Grandma over to the park. We raced Hot Wheels down the slide, had a great water gun fight, broke the pinata we worked so hard to make, and had enjoyed cake and ice cream. The water gun fight was a hit as it was such a warm day. Zane had a lot of fun with his friends and family. Afterward we came home and had Zane's favorite dinner--pizza. I'm not kidding. Ask him what he wants for dinner and he'll usually say, "Ummmm. . . . . I ont soommmmme. . . . PIZZA!" Then he got to open his present from mom and dad--a new tricycle. Earlier he got some trucks and an Elmo doll from Grandpa and Grandma Tolman. Grandpa and Grandma Pickup got him a little pool for the back patio and a bell for his new bike. I think the bell is his favorite thing. Ding, ding!

His very own water bottle and backpack. Thanks Grandpa & Grandma.
Grandpa & Grandma Pickup serving up cake for everyone.
Our homemade pinata. I forgot to add on the tires. Oops!
Zane "helping" bake his birthday cake.
Trying out his new bike.

Nora is getting busier and busier and is so much happier now that she can get into things.

Nora and Daddy skywatching
Gettin' a ride up to bed
Enjoying the new pool during some HOT weather


Andrea said...

Oh! Happy birthday Zane!! We have that same tric with a bell! Lovely!! I can't believe how fast they grow! Love the picts!!!