Monday, August 24, 2009

Joey's Birthday

Joey moved in with us the last week in July. His family moved to Indiana and made the hard decision to let him finish his senior year here in Portland. He is such a good kid and so easy to have in our house. Zane loves him and is constanly asking "Where's Doey?" or narrating Joey's life: "Doey eating. Doey sleeping. Doey at work. Doey reading. Doey downstairs." Joey celebrated his 17th birthday last week. We had fun celebrating with him.


Stacie S-H said...

who is the girl in the pictures? she looks like a family I know in Gresham - the Peacock family. Tell me if I'm right! If not..guess they are twinners!

Holly and Kevin said...

That's a Peacock girl, alright. You're right, she's a twinner. Joey, her brother is staying with us for the school year, as his family has moved. The twins are in college now.

Stacie S-H said...

aww okay! That is so cool. Are you related to that family or just good friends? I only know Maxine Peacock and her kids Gabby, Jordan, Michael...Maxine divorced her husband or left him or something earlier this year I think? Now she is back in England I believe. Sad. I had my first Christmas on the mission @ their house :)