Monday, August 24, 2009

Silver Falls

We got to spend some family time on Saturday and decided to go for a hike. We went down to Silver Falls. We thought Zane might be able to do the two mile loop, but he is such a dawdler. Kevin just couldn't wait for him any more, plus it probably would have taken us ten hours, so Zane finally got put on Dad's shoulders. Even packing Nora and Zane, Kevin climbed the hills much easier than I did. Man, I'm out of shape! However, it was beautiful and refreshing and just nice to get to spend a Saturday together. Zane had a great time, and I think Nora did too.

Nora enjoyed the ride.

Family photo

Another family photo. (That's not a pick, it's a scratch).
Zane insisted on playing in the water.
A boy and his stick.
Super Kevin


Brooks Family said...

Looks like alot of fun. That is such a pretty hike.

Marsee Family said...

You have 2 babies now. They are so cute!! I stalked you off of Bever's blog. I hope you are all doing well.