Monday, September 27, 2010

Mirror Lake-September 2010

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL here. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather and go for one (possibly last of the season) more family hike. We decided to go to mirror lake. Zane and Boyd were troopers, and although they started dragging their feet about half-way up the mountain--we made it! I found that singing marching songs really helped them pick it up. Nora and Anna enjoyed their rides. Once we arrived at the lake we had some lunch, played in the water and took a few pictures. On the way down I could hardly keep up with the boys. We had to stop at "slide rock" for some fun sliding, but before we knew it we were back to the van. All-in-all a perfect hike (except for stupid people that don't know how to leash their dogs. Sorry--I AM going to get upset when your wet dog decides to jump on me while I'm nursing, and I AM going to be upset when your huge, "friendly" dog knocks my one-year-old to the ground.) Who knows, maybe we'll get in one more hike.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Summer Pictures

The new sandbox Daddy built. It's small, but they LOVE it. It has definitely bought me some more free time during the day (in fact, that's where they are now), but then I spend more time after they go to bed cleaning up sand that has been tracked in the house. I'm wondering how many tractors and truck are already lost in there.
Nora enjoying one of our Asian Pears. All the fruit got eaten off the tree in the front of our house. I call it our "charity" tree. I didn't think the back two trees had much fruit, but I picked it all this week and ended up with almost a full bushel.

Man, is she cute or what!?
Man, is she cute or what!?
Blythe and Nora shakin' a leg.
Nora's favorite thing to do these days is to find a pen or marker and write on ANYTHING. . . paper, the walls, the bumbo, Anna, the computer screen. Lovely.
Playing at the park.
Zane loves to go down the fire pole. He feels so big!

Linoln City September 2010

With the end of summer quickly approaching I decided we'd better get to the beach again. One day early in September was forecast to be 70 and sunny in Lincoln City so I loaded up my kids and Laura and her kids and we headed out. The morning was beautiful and we had a lot of fun. (Well after Laura and I were able to haul all of our stuff and kids down the beach. We did get some sympathy and help from perfect strangers). It did cool down quickly later that afternoon so we packed up and headed home, but not before getting a good day's worth of playing in the sand.

This area is one of my favorites. The "D" river runs through the beach here and for some reason so many people won't wade through the river to the other side, so if you cross you have a bit more privacy. Plus the "river" (the world's shortest, supposedly) is really mellow and fun for the kids to play in.

Laura was a good sport and stood in the sand for a long, long time so Boyd and Zane could bury her.
Nora--she's so full of life. Always eager to have fun and up for an adventure.

Zoo--August 2010

I've learned that if I keep my zoo trips to about one or two a year, then I actually enjoy visiting the zoo. We missed the annual zoo trip with my ol' teacher pals because my kids were sick. One week in August I thought it would be fun. Kade was in town and Jennifer, Jessica, Brenda and her family were headed out on Saturday, so I thought it would be a fun thing for us all to do together. I've also learned that the zoo is much more enjoyable if you get there early and on a relatively cool day (you don't have to fight for parking or fight crowds, the animals are usually just getting going and if it's cool they're more active).

We happened upon the "bird show" and managed somehow to get seated in an AWESOME location. The birds flew just above our heads and perched on a stand right behind us. It was a big scary for Zane so he cuddled close to Aunt Jennifer. My favorite was the bald eagle.

The elephants are my favorite. The kids liked watching them but Zane has started having nightmares about elephants outside his bedroom window.
This could have been the highlight for Zane.
Jacob, Anna, Zane, Shayli, Kade, Nora, Corbin, Annie

Banks Tractor Pull August 2010

After a morning of picking blackberries (Holly, Laura and kids), Kevin and I took our kids and Boyd to the Banks tractor pull. Zane was very excited about this adventure and was happy to bring his buddy along. Being a country girl at heart, I was looking forward to it as well.

We got there about 20 minute before it was supposed to start and I was afraid it was going to be a big disappointment as the stands had about 10 people. Well, about an hour later the stands were about 60% full and they were just getting started. We found out this was more like their "fun" day and the real competition was Sunday. It was still fun to be out there.

Cape Lookout August 2010

In August our friend Stephanie organized a trip for moms and kiddos to the beach. We were more than happy to join them. Brenda and her kids were in town and so was Kade so they also came. Jennifer and Jessica and their friend also came. We went to Cape Lookout. It was a perfect day to go, as it was oppressively hot in the city. However, we chose the coldest beach to go to. The ranger at Cape Lookout informed me that the beaches near Tillamook were usually 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the coast line.

Even though it was cool, we still had a great time. My friend Laura and her children, Blythe and Boyd drove over with us. After several potty breaks, a stop by a police officer for crossing the center line, and a stop to nurse the baby we finally made it to the beach. I don't think there could be a bad day at the beach, regardless of weather.
Every time we have gone to the beach Nora has insisted on eating her sandwich a certain way. She has to lay on her stomach on the blanket, facing the ocean wave. Then I must lay another blanket or towel over her in just the right way. Then she's happy.

Tolman Reunion

This post is long overdue. I guess it because we've been so busy having fun. In early August we drove to Idaho Falls to see Grandpa, Grandma and the cousins. We were able to stay about a week. Zane and Nora loved seeing G&G and the cousins. Zane and Maggie got along especially well. There was lots of driving of the John Deere, jumping in the "jumpoline," eating peas out of the garden, and riding our bikes. Of course there was lots of good food--too much. These pictures are all out of order, but I haven't the energy to move them around.

The girls helping mom get around after her surgery. . .:)

Zane enjoys ANOTHER bottle of homemade root beer. A favorite.
Kyler giving Maggie and Nora a ride on his 4-wheeler.
Grandpa cooking up the annual meal of dutch oven potatoes and chicken. Mmmmm.

Zane got to open a birthday present from G&G. It was fun to get to 'celebrate his birthday with them a couple of weeks after the actual day. He got another dump-truck. That boy could never have enough and a fun construction magnet activity. Perfect for church.